The PlayGroup

The Crèche caters for babies from age 3 to 18 months in a warm and homely environment. This is definately a 'dream come true' as it has been the desire and constant request of our parents, especially those who currently have children in the school. As a result of this need, the school management and other members of staff worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality.
Truly, it can be described as ‘home away from home’ with the aesthetic ambience of the environment; tastefully furnished to cater for the needs of the tiny tots and the demands of discerning parents.

The Nursery School curriculum is structured to help the children acquire the basic skills for Literacy and Phonics, Numeracy, Cultural Studies, combination of Science - the knowledge and understanding of their environment and the world, Practical Life Skills and Sensorial Exercises, Nursery Rhymes, Art and Craft. The children are thus prepared to make a smooth transition to the Primary.

The primary formative years are set to achieve a secure level of functionality and effectiveness in the core skills which includes: reading, oral and written communication, enquiry and research, and dexterity with numbers. These are the important prime factors without which further progress in the pupils learning can be inhibited. In addition, through topics, themes, projects and standardized internationally acceptable best practice of teaching and learning, the pupils also acquire knowledge, skills and understanding about their world. They are taught to inquire, use and apply skills learned and develop international mindedness as they explore the global perspectives of various aspect of their learning.

We value all students for who they are and for what they can become. We aim to provide a rigourous and effective education in an enabling environment, and one which inculcates in students a desire to learn, contribute, while feeling safe and confident.

The core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science & ICT) are based on the National Curriculum that has been specifically designed for teachers and students in the international context.
This curriculum provides us an excellent framework for teaching and developing Mathematics, English, Science & ICT proficiency in our students.
Other subjects (French, Yoruba, Cultural Subjects; Geography, History & Social Studies; Music, P.H.E, Religious Education and Arts & Craft) are based on the curriculum prescribed by the Nigerian Ministry of education.